About us

 Innovo History.

Industries of huevo INNOVO is the first liquid egg production company in Costa Rica, this company arises through the union of two Costa Rican SMEs (Piedras Negras Poultry Farm and Las Palmas Poultry Group), both companies decided to start this project by seeing the The need of the national industry to obtain a top quality product in our country, it was in this way that after the construction of the market, construction of our plant began in January 2015.

This project has the guarantee that its owners are local egg producers, which guarantees us the supply of the main raw material in our plant, being only local production that is industrialized in our plant, in addition to that it provides direct employment 35 people from neighboring areas. It is a visionary project that seeks to produce quality, give added value to our product based on the demands that our customers request and give a product that has nothing to envy to the best brands of liquid eggs in Europe and the United States.

Among the main guarantees of our plant, it is found that its design was approved by the engineers of the SANOVO company, the same company that is the supplier of our plant in everything related to equipment for cracking, pasteurization and filling of the plant, they They have gone hand in hand in this process from the design stage to the conditioning of the equipment, and their experiences have been of paramount importance to our company.

Under these international standards, we seek to meet the national demand for liquid eggs of whole eggs, yolks or whites, and in the future our vision is to work for a possible export of our products to Central American countries. For INNOVO it is an honor to present our product and at the same time write the little history we have to date, however we know that we can start writing great things with all our customers.