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Industries of Huevo INNOVO is a 100% Costa Rican company, founded by two commercial egg producing companies in the country, with the only desire to give a nationalist sense to the production of liquid eggs, and supplant the entry of this product from abroad. In an effort to achieve a high quality product, as they have achieved so far, INNOVO has modern facilities, located in San Antonio de Naranjo, Alajuela, Costa Rica, the facilities where the best Central American liquid egg is produced today, were designed by the Engineer Marco Soto Vargas, who has in the design stage, with the support of Italian engineers to ensure that our infrastructure had world standards and were not going to be a limitation in the growth of this innovative project, this is how A total of 6 different designs of what is now our process plant were carried out. The Engineer Soto, who was in charge of the work, together with his work team of the Lauher Group, developed a work of high engineering, which was approved by the Italian engineers who supervised the different designs, led us to have a building suitable for the production of liquid eggs according to the greatest world demands. The whole of our plant has a controlled environment, and its design is made to obtain the best energy efficiency, keeping the required temperatures in each area, as well as facilitating a linear flow, avoiding cross contamination within our plant.

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