Liquid Egg / Yolks

pasteurized Liquid eggs/ yolks


Pasteurized Liquid Eggs/ Yolks.

Product obtained from chicken egg yolk, liquid, homogenized and pasteurized, once the shell and membrane are removed.


Egg product used directly in food services or as a raw material for the bakery, dairy, confectionery, beverages, sauces, mayonnaises, dressings, meringues, prepared foods, among other uses in the food industry.


Presentacions and packing.

Bag in box 2 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg y 20 Kg.


Storage conditions.

Keep in refrigeration between 0 º and 4 º C.


Useful Life

Six weeks, in optimal conditions.

Después de abierto, se debe consumir dentro de las 72 horas siguientes.

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