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For our company, the human factor is one of the keys to success, which is why each of our employees commit to our company, and are part of its growth and strengthening.

For our company it is of the utmost importance, to develop a growth model for our employees, they are a primary factor in our company and we thank them daily for their effort and dedication.

  • Lic. Ricardo Rojas

    Innovo President

    Ricardo, together with his family, is one of the founding companies of the INNOVO Egg Industries company, in the hands of him, his family and the family of Mr. Mario Naranjo (INNOVO Co-owner), he carried out this ambitious project, which today in Ricardo is his general manager, having among his main qualities a family business and teamwork approach, in addition to the high commitment to his daily work.

    For Ricardo, the development of this industry at the national level means giving an added value to a product as basic as the egg, which from the hand of God, all the workers, partners and suppliers have been able to carry forward.

  • Our values


    In Innovo we believe and respect these values: commitment, initiative, teamwork and innovation