Integrated families

Meet the families that help us produce INNOVO products.

Juan José Farm

Undertaking as a family

Family support and workshops received have been pillars for the farm, whose name honors the son’s name who promoted the idea. Daily, the production is encouraged and increased the quality of the product in a peaceful environment. Besides, a balanced diet and antibiotics free are involved in the production.


RJ farm

Family business

The RJ farm have 8,000 birds in production with excellent management, where the whole family is involved in developing their business. Their children learn about the control of the farm from a very young age.

Los Robles Farm

A family business since 2008

Based on practical learning and constant training, they have strengthened their project and currently have the capacity for 8,000 thousand birds in the best conditions to produce a first-class egg. They are also a small source of employment in the Los Robles area.

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