Our history

INNOVO is a family business that seeks to transform the egg industry and generate well-being through first-rate innovative products produced locally and of international quality.

INNOVO, first liquid egg production company in Costa Rica

INNOVO arises through the union of two Costa Rican SMEs: Granja Avícola Piedras Negras and Grupo Avícola las Palmas. Both saw the need to obtain a top-quality product in the national industry due to the above. After conducting market research, in January 2015, the construction of our production plant began, the first in Central America.


Among the central guarantees of the production plant is the support received from the # 1 manufacturer of machines for the egg industry SANOVO. They have supported the entire process, from the design stage to conditioning the breaking, pasteurization, and filling equipment of the process plant. SANOVO’s experience and trajectory of more than 60 years have been of the utmost importance to our company.

We seek to satisfy the national demand for liquid eggs, both whole eggs, yolks, or whites, under high international standards. Our vision is to work to make ourselves known and export our products to Central American countries.


It is a visionary project that seeks to produce quality and add value to our product based on our clients’ demands. It offers a product that has nothing to envy to the best liquid egg brands in Europe and the United States.


We guarantee local production and direct employment to people from neighboring areas because we work and train egg producers in the area, ensuring the supply of the main raw material in the processing plant.


For INNOVO, it is an honor to make our product known and make history together with all the people who support us, believe in our products, and recommend us.

Our products

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